Best Sleeping Cots for Adults

Sleep is the only time of the day that lets you relax and where we spend around third of our day. A deep sleep at the end of a tiring day of hiking or mountaineering is enough to make you forget about everything.

In the outdoors camping, a good sleeping cot helps you achieve this. It can turn your restless nights into sweet dreams. From camping to lounging, sleeping cots for adults come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Here we review out top picks for the best sleeping cots for adults.

What to look for in a good sleeping cot?

Before going into specific cots, there are a few points that you should keep in mind when selecting the best sleeping cots for adults.

  • Comfort: Make sure the cot fits your height and weight and is not too hard or too soft or too noisy.
  • Durability: Check the warranty and go through the materials used and make sure seams are solid.
  • Steadiness: The cot should be sturdy and should not buckle under your weight or flex when you move around.
  • Capacity: Whether a single bed or double bed make sure that the carrying weight capacity of the cot is sufficient for your needs.
  • Purpose: We cannot use all cots for all situations. Whether it is portability or high capacity or compact foldability, make sure you choose one that meets your specific situation.
  • Warmth: Most cots are like sleeping in a hammock, there isn’t much underneath you. So keep that in mind if you will be doing fall or winter camping as it may make sense to have a pad underneath you for extra warmth.
  • Sleeping Area: Some cots will be pretty narrow as they try to cut down on the size and weight. A more narrow one will work for side sleepers but those who sleep on their back may need a wider one. Make sure the one that you choose works for you and your sleeping style and tent size.

Best sleeping cots for adults

Below are our picks for the best sleeping cots for adults on the market today.

Teton Sports Outfitter XXL – Best Overall

Teton Sports Outfitter XXL best sleeping cots for adults

Camping is fun. But sleeping on the ground is not everyone’s favorite thing to do. This Sports Outfitter XXL cot by Teton Sports helps get you off the ground. Its main features support a high weight capacity of 600 lbs (272 kgs) and large, spacious size coming it at 85 x 40 x 19 inch fully extended. Don’t forget that it comes in two other sizes small/medium and medium/large. So there is one for every member of your family.

It is made from a steady aluminum S-leg frame but still folds down to a compact size of 26 lbs (11.8 kgs). And yes, it is quite stable. It is also extremely durable and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  It is very easy to assemble and hardly takes a minute to set up.  The cot fabric is soft enough to sleep on even without a mattress but Teton Sports does have a mattress pad specifically designed for this model.

Why was this one chose as out Best Sleeping Cots for Adults Overall? For us, it checked all the boxes–decent size, fairly good weight, an affordable price, high durability, and just a solid product all around.

TETON Sports Camp Cot; Finally, a Cot that Brings the Comfort of Home to the Campsite; Camping Cots for Adults; Easy Set Up; Storage Bag Included
  • PIVOT ARM REVOLUTION: Cot setup just became child’s play. The pivot arm is a built-in lever that makes putting that last end bar in place quick and easy. No more wrestling with that fourth corner. Look for the pivot arm cots in the selector box
  • STRONG AND STURDY: Reinforced steel X-leg assembly strengthens the cot and provides stability; Portable folding cot makes camp set up hassle free
  • GET OFF THE GROUND: Take the comfort of a bed to the outdoors; Sleep free from rocks and other unlevel surfaces when you use this TETON Sports Cot; You deserve a good night’s sleep when you’re camping; Wake up refreshed
  • SIZE DOES MATTER: Longer than a twin mattress and supports up to 400 pounds (181.4 kg) easily; Cot folds up for easy transport
  • TETON SPORTS PROMISE: Reach out to our AMAZING product support team if you have any questions or concerns; YOU CAN COUNT ON US to get you taken care of and back OUTDOORS with TETON Sports

Helinox Cot Lite – The Lightest

Helinox Lite Cot best sleeping cots for adults

If carrying around heavy stuff is not your style (and it sure isn’t mine especially on long expeditions), then shift to a super lightweight cot. The Helinox Cot Lite is a extremely portable cot that weighs in at a mere 2.12 lbs (0.98 kgs) while still providing a pretty decent sleeping area of 73 x 23.5 x 5 inches. And yes, it can handle even the biggest person as it can handle up to 320 lbs (146kgs). It folds down nicely to 2.05 inches and I have even attached it to my backpack easily. My buddy also uses it on his Iron Butt Motorcycle travels since it is so weightless and compact.

It is very easy to setup as it has a single bungee cord that self assembles the poles. It is quite sturdy despite its ultra-lightweight (a mere 2.12 pounds). At 5 inches in height, it will keep you off the cold hard ground and even works pretty well for side sleepers. It’s durable, 600-weave rip-stop polyester is designed to hold up to harsh weather and the sun’s rays. 

If you are going to a camp or just want to stretch your legs outdoor, pack this cot up and carry this lightweight camping cot with you. Its small packed size also facilitates discreet storage.

Helinox Lite Cot Ultra-Light, Compact, Collapsible, Portable Camping Cot, Black
  • Ultralight, portable camping cot is a featherlight 2.80 pounds, and packs to 5 x 5 x 21 inches for portability
  • Holds up to 265 pounds with proprietary aluminum alloy legs and frame; cot cover and zippered carrying case made from 600-weave rip-stop polyester
  • Setup is easy and fast with a single internal bungee cord that self assembles the poles
  • Suspends sleepers 5 inches from the ground, making it ideal for cold temperatures and side sleepers
  • Measures 73 x 23.5 x 5 inches; packs down to 5 x 21 inches and weighs 2.8 pounds; manufacturer’s five-year warranty

Coleman Camping Cot – Most Comfortable

Coleman Camping Cot with Air Mattress

Coleman is a name synonymous with outdoor gear and this best sleeping cot for adults is custom made for comfort.

What makes this our choice for most comfortable. While a sturdy cot, this package also includes an air pump and a portable, inflatable twin mattress (there is also a queen size one in case you and your spouse want to share that is the best camping cot for couples).

We use this Coleman cot for camping as well as a temporary cot for house guests (but make sure to put some felt under the feet so it doesn’t scratch your hard wood floors). It supports right around 300 pounds and has extra headroom for a six feet human. With its ComfortStrong coils supporting your back this is the most comfortable cot and my back can attest to that!

While not the smallest or lightest it does have a pretty good sleeping area of 74 x 40 x 23.5 inches. I like the height of 23.5 inches off the ground as it makes it easier to get in and out of during the dark nights.

The included air mattress comes with a battery operated pump (4 D sized batteries) and comes with a double lock value that is dual sealed to be leak free. The sewn-in cover keeps the cot from sliding around on the sturdy folding steel frame.

Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress, & Pump Combo, Folding Camp Cot & Air Bed with Side Table & Battery-Operated Pump, Great for Comfortable Outdoor Sleeping & Camping
  • Portable twin air mattress and cot ideal for camping and accommodating guests
  • ComfortStrong Coil System on mattress ensures a firm and supportive sleep
  • AirTight system with Double Lock valve prevents mattress from leaking
  • Durable steel cot supports up to 300 pounds and accommodates most people up to 6 feet tall
  • Quick inflation with a 4D battery pump (batteries sold separately)

Disc-O-Bed Large – Best Space Saver


One of the most unique designs we’ve come across is the Disc-O-Bed. This comes as a set of two full-size cots that can be configured in multiple ways. You can arrange the set as two separate cots, a large bench, or a bunk bed set. Three in one and you can’t beat that!

The Disc-O-Bed can handle a massive 500-pound capacity per bed, which means you can even cram two people per bed if you’re in a bind. The sturdy steel frames seem almost indestructible. It can easily handle several kids and even my 225 pound frame climbing up on the top bunk.

The cots are large, so you’ll need a tall, large dome tent to fit it in a bunk bed layout. However, if you don’t have an extra tall tent, they do have a nice mosquito net accessory (extra cost) so you can sleep under the stars. The frames are sturdy enough to support the material without any crossbeams, which creates hammock-like support. This eliminates the need for any sleeping pads or mats.

This sturdiness comes at a cost however, as the cots weights 36 pounds each, and the two combined weigh in around 75 pounds total. So, make sure your campsite isn’t very far from the car.

Disc-O-Bed couch layout

My favorite part of this cot is that it can be configured like a bench or a couch. I used it this way a few times when I used it at a base camp for several weeks while we were hunting mule deer.

Disc-O-Bed Large, with 2 Side Organizers, Black
  • NO TOOLS NEEDED: Use it as two single beds, convert them into a bunk, or even transform it into a bench; The no tool assembly allows you to easily switch between configurations
  • ROBUST ANTI-RUST FRAME: The steel frame’s rugged durability and stability ensures a level sleeping surface even on uneven terrain; There is no middle leg or center brace allowing the sleeping mat to conform to your body for true contoured comfort
  • High grade polyester sleeping deck provides a true contoured comfort with no middle brace – no mattress required
  • Bunk it, bench it, turn it into two cots

FAQ on the Best Sleeping Cots for Adults

Camping Cot vs. Sleeping Pad: Which Is Right for Me?

The question of camping cots versus sleeping pads depends on how you plan to travel. So take a look at the explanation and choose the best for your task.

Camping Cots

Camping cots get you up off the ground. As well, that helps prevent the cold ground from chilling you. Typically, camping cots also provide a much larger sleeping area. This makes it less likely that you’ll roll off of it in the middle of the night.

However with that said, cots tend to be heavy, and they’re much bulkier than sleeping pads. This makes the majority of them less ideal for portable use.

If you only sleep a short distance from your car, camping cots make a great choice since you won’t be hauling your cot(s) far.

For the most part, comfort and ease of setup are generally the biggest factors. Because camping cots are generally a closer to an average bed, they are usually more comfortable than sleeping pads.

Sleeping Pads

sleeping pad

Sleeping pads are much lighter and significantly more compressible than cots.

However, they do require you to sleep on the ground. This exposes you to the ground’s hardness and can let cold transfer from the ground into your sleeping bag and from my experience may be more difficult for side sleepers.

Backpackers have to carry all of their gear with them on multi-day hikes, so weight and compact size are huge factors to consider. Many backpackers, myself included, are willing to sacrifice the the comfort of a camping cot for a lighter and more packable sleeping pad — especially on my longer multi-week hikes.

As well, newer sleeping pads are designed to add some of the amenities that cots provide. There are several nice insulated pads that are purpose built for cold-weather camping. The insulation and reflective material within the pad absorbs some of the cold coming from the ground, preventing it from sapping heat from your sleeping bag.

The only downsides for sleeping pads are that you are not very high off the ground–maybe only 1-2 inches at most. This can make it a bit more difficult if you are older and have trouble getting up and down. As well, some sleeping mats can be quite noisy if you toss and turn in your sleep.

Finally, I have noticed that sleeping mats are not that good if you are side sleeper. Since you are on the ground and there isn’t much cushioning between you and the ground, when you sleep on your side, you may find it uncomfortable for your hips.

Are Cots Good for Camping?

Yes because they mimic the feeling of sleeping in your normal bed. Cots are for the most part a comfortable option for camping. In the old days, traditional camping cots were too heavy and bulky for backpacking, however now days they are much lighter and more durable. There are ultralight backpacking cots, but many backpackers choose sleeping pads because they are lighter and more packable.

Is a Cot More Comfortable Than an Air Mattress?

A good air mattress is about as close as you can get to sleeping on your regular bed. However, they can be bulky, noisy, and they usually require an external air pump to fully inflate. They can be difficult to clean after a camping trip.

Camping cots are often less comfortable than an air mattress but are more durable, easier to transport, and easier to set up. A high-quality cushioned camping cot can come close to, or even surpass, the comfort of an air mattress, plus it takes much less time to set up.

However, it depends on your preference, so if you are looking for a good air mattress, then make sure to check out our partner site Modern Beddings and their air mattress reviews.

How Wide Is a Camping Cot?

Many of the camping cots that we used and tested are generally around 25 to 27 inches in width. This is wide enough for most campers especially if you are a side sleeper. However, if you need a wider cot, many of the best sleeping cots for adults that we have chosen, offer larger and wider versions for back sleepers. These larger cots can range from 30 inches to over 40 inches in width.

The Final Say on the Best Sleeping Cots for Adults

We have selected several costs that we consider to be the best sleeping cots for adults. When choosing your cot, make sure to take your specific needs into account. Good luck and happy camping!

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