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Ever wonder is rock climbing a sport? Participants climb up, down or across cliff sides during rock climbing. These rocks can either be artificial rock walls or natural rock formations. The goal of participants is to reach the peak or the endpoint of a formation without falling.

In rock climbing, the route to be followed is usually predefined. One objective during professional rock climbing competitions is to complete the route in the quickest time possible.

Another objective is to attain the outermost point on a route that is increasingly difficult. Rock climbers normally don’t climb back down the route due to the length of time and extended endurance required. Additionally, there are more chances of accidents during a descent.

So… is Rock Climbing a Sport?

In sports, we usually think of individuals or teams having a competition. However, what exactly is a sport? How can we decide what makes an activity a sport? And finally, is rock climbing a sport?

Rock climbing is not just one particular activity. It can be considered as an umbrella term used to describe an abundance of different ways of ascending a rock. So it is not quite simple enough to determine whether rock climbing is a sport or not. But don’t worry, we’ll help you settle the question and give you your answer now.

Is Rock Climbing a Sport

Rock Climbing is a Very Competitive Sport

The answer to the question – “is rock climbing a sport?” – is a resounding YES. Rock climbing is, in fact, a sport – and a very competitive one at that!

In general, we can’t call any activity a sport just because of its competitive nature. It is possible that the majority of climbers will never compete. However, the majority of mountain bikers and cyclists also don’t enter races, but we never question their legitimacy. The point is that yes, a big part of rock climbing is just for fun. However, it doesn’t take out the title of “sport” from rock climbing.

There are competitions all around the world that also give legitimacy to the activity of rock climbing as a competitive sport. Many climbers live their lives according to their passion for this sport. Training enthusiastically, working with coaches, and dieting have become very common nowadays. This is what makes rock climbing so competitive.

Rock climbing is a sport that pushes the limits of the climbers as they develop new techniques along the way. Rock climbing is also similar to swimming and running, in which there is always competition and entertainment for competitors as well as spectators.

Rock climbing is demanding physically as well as mentally. This sport not only tests the mental strength of the climber, but also tests his or her endurance, balance, and agility. Without the proper knowledge of methods and techniques, it can be a dangerous activity. Additionally, the use of specialized climbing equipment is very important to safely complete routes.

How is Rock Climbing a Sport?

While diving into more specifics about what actually makes rock climbing a sport, we should first outline what makes a sport in general.

What is a sport?

You can define a sport as an activity that involves the physical efforts and skills of an individual or a team to compete against others for entertainment. By keeping this definition in mind, we can say that any activity that meets the following criteria is a sport:

  • Physical effort and skills must be used to complete the activity
  • There must be the involvement of some kind of competition
  • The purpose of the activity is to be for entertainment or fun

Whether an activity is a sport or not also depends on the situation. The same activity on different occasions can be a sport on one occasion, and also not a sport on another (i.e. regarding when and how it is played out).

For example, let’s say someone is spending the evening shooting a basketball by himself at a town park or gym. He is not “playing” a sport, but just exercising. However, when he adds another player into that game, it may become a 1 on 1 basketball competition. In this situation, they are playing a sport.

Even this example is sure to go against the grain of what some may think. But by definition, this is the case. So it is very important to keep this concept in mind to understand whether or not climbing is a sport.  

Is Rock Climbing a Sport hanging from cliff

Why is Rock Climbing a Sport?

After looking at the definition of a sport, now is the time to take a look at each aspect of that definition one by one. The following points will show why rock climbing is a sport:

1) Physical Exertion

Most people in the world can “climb.” However, it’s easier to climb cliffs and boulders if you’re fairly strong. Professional rock climbers train for hours on a daily basis to achieve a strong grip and enhanced flexibility needed to perform well.

Rock climbing is a sport that requires full-time effort. Really, it’s a full-body workout. You can climb better when you have more strength with respect to your body weight. Eating a well-balanced diet is something that rock climbers need to keep in mind.  So the eating habits of a rock climber should be in proper order, as both the body shape and size influence one’s ability to perform.

2) Competition and Contest

There have always been rock climbing competitions between friends and rivals. In the 1980s, the first official climbing competition was held. In the modern age, the range of competitions has become wide, from local gyms to the IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing).

Every international rock climber started his or her climbing career at the local level. However, they kept progressing until they reached the international rock climbing stage. This is the best motivation for those involved with this sport at a local level who want to make progress towards international competition.

In rock climbing, there are organized competitions all over the world. If rock climbing was not a sport, there would not be any organized competition. Without competition and contest, no sport can occur, and that’s what makes rock climbing a sport with many international contests all over the world.

3) Skill and Efficiency

It is a fact that some people are better climbers than others. However, learning good techniques and practicing them does help you become better and better over time.

Some climbers may find it frustrating that others in the sport seem to be progressing so much further than they are. However, don’t worry about it. Just learn the basics, follow the process and you’ll always continue to improve with practice.

Many climbers train with and learn from experienced coaches to develop the required techniques to improve their skills and take their game to the next level.

4) Entertainment

Every brand, big or small, supports entertainment. If you watch Alex Honnold’s documentary, Free Solo, you will see that rock climbing is a sport that provides entertainment to a massive audience around the globe.

Entertainment is an important part of any activity to make it a sport. And rock climbing is what brings smiles to the faces of many people who love and enjoy this awesome sport.

Is Rock Climbing a Sport view from above

Bringing it All Together

Hopefully in this article we’ve made every aspect of rock climbing clear and easy to understand “is rock climbing a sport?” A lot of physical skills and exertion are required for rock climbing. And rock climbing competitions are even included in the Olympics now.

The importance of this sport can be understood by looking at the huge number of professional rock climbers around the world. You could say that rock climbing is a sport that needs a lot of your energy and enthusiasm to perform well at higher level events. And with the recent inclusion of rock climbing in the 2020 Olympic Games, the idea of rock climbing as a sport has been even further solidified.

Climbing is definitely a sport in which all the important aspects of sports are present. Many climbers don’t compete, but it is still very demanding and competitive for the ones that do.

Rock climbing is very exciting for new participants to begin. There are so many different variations of climbing with each having their own specific details. Those who are interested in rock climbing can start training for the sport at any age. We are hopeful that more and more people around the world will start to begin accepting it as a sport in the future.

Rock climbing lovers will always try to improve, learn, practice, and prove their skills to others. Let’s see what the next generation of climbers brings to the world.

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