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Start the Challenge with La Sportiva B1 Mountaineering Boots Reviews

La Sportiva B1 mountaineering boots have been the favorite boots for mountain climbers all over the world since 1928.

The boots worn by women are slightly lighter and leaner than those worn by men. La Sportiva B1 line of mountaineering boot brands include the Makalu line, the Trango Cube GTX line, and last but not least the Trango Tower line.

There are other concepts but we are going to explain only these three lines.

La Sportiva B1 Mountaineering Boots Reviews

Here are reviews of some of the most used La Sportiva B1 boots for men.

La Sportiva Men’s Makalu

These boots feature a flex insole and steel shank for crampon compatibility. They also have durable, water-resistant upper leather that is also breathable.

La Sportiva Mens Makalu

The boots give your feet enough protection from heat and physical injuries. They are easy to wear and remove because of the steel roller eyelets and the D-rings which enable accurate tensioning. They are suitable for heavy hiking and extreme mountaineering.

La Sportiva Trango Cube GTX Boot

These boots are made from synthetic material which makes them waterproof. Their lacing system is designed to reduce abrasion.

La Sportiva Trango Cube GTX Boot

They are lightweight boots that offer maximum comfort and easiness to walk. They also have a low profile sole which makes them lighter.

La Sportiva Trango Tower GTX Mountaineering Boot

This boot is light and comfortable and can scale a mountain with ease. It has the Gore-Tex Performance Comfort feature that maintains the dryness of the feet.

La Sportiva Trango Tower GTX Mountaineering Boot

The feet are protected from overheating because the boot is breathable and aerates the feet continuously. It has a tough upper with Honey-Comb inserts which that protects the feet from tough terrain. It also has the PU cushioning and EVA inserts for weight reduction.

Now, some reviews from La Sportiva B1 boots for women.

La Sportiva Trango Cube GTX Boot

This award-winning women’s boot has a waterproof seamless upper to protect the feet against tough weather conditions and terrain. It also protects the feet against physical injury by its lacing system and reduced weight.

Womens La Sportiva Trango Cube GTX Boot

It is a comfortable shoe that comes with a removable tongue that is crafted from a soft fabric which assures comfortability to the feet.

Women’s La Sportiva Trango Tower GTX Mountaineering Boot

The Trango Tower GTX women’s mountaineering boot is an abrasion resistant that is durable. It protects the feet against feet injury by using tough uppers which integrates Honey-Comb inserts.

Womens La Sportiva Trango Tower GTX Mountaineering Boot

This boots also comes with a Vibram One sole which incorporates a sticky rubber and EVA inserts for weight reduction.

Characteristics and Ideal Uses

These boots are tough, technical, and suitable for experienced mountain climbers. They are made from state-of-the-art materials that satisfy specific functions.

The soles of the B1 are fitted with an Impact Brake System and a 3D Flex System to give the ankle room for movement.

Apart from being light, they also have a reduced size that is thermally insulated. They are specifically used for activities such as mountain climbing, hiking and backpacking.

Final Thoughts

La Sportiva boots are designed for different challenges, including mountain climbing. They are suitable for longer treks and short walks.

They incorporate the Gore-Tex membranes and other technologically designed materials to provide lightness, waterproofing, and comfort. In addition to that, they are also durable and exhibit a high level of technical performance.

The most advanced La Sportiva B1 boots come with the Gore-Tex surround membrane, which is made up of small breathable cells which cover the upper parts of the foot deal with dampness and give the foot a good structure.

La Sportiva B1 mountaineering boots are the hallmark of light, comfortable, tough, and protective shoes for any active man and woman.

Get to Know the Salewa B1 Mountain Boots

Salewa B1 mountaineering boots are designed for moderate climbing over snow and ice. They help keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable during the climb. With the integrated Salewa’s patented technology, the boot guarantee comfort, safety and durability.

Each type of mountaineering boot is graded based on its compatibility with various crampons. Salewa B1 boots are suitable for use with C1 crampons. The crampons fit on the sole perfectly, for a firm grip, thus, guaranteeing your safety.

Salewa B1 Mountaineering Boots Reviews

Wondering whether Salewa B1 mountaineering boots are ideal for you? If you are still unsure about what the Salewa brand has to offer on their B1 range, here, we are providing with three climbing boot reviews for men and women.

Salewa Men’s Rapace GTX

This boot is a super comfy boot ideal for rescue groups and mountain guides. It is a lightweight boot that keeps your feet dry and well protected. Best suited for summer mountaineering, the Men’s Rapace GTX is made of a resistant fabric, impervious gore tex protection and nubuck upper.

B1 Salewa Mens Rapace GTX

The boot has a crampon-compatible sole for great stability. It offers excellent performance on rock and great traction in different mountain surfaces. When buying, try half a size bigger than your usual size, for a comfortable fit. However, worn with good socks, you need not worry about getting blisters.

Salewa Men’s Mtn Trainer Mid GTX-m

Mtn Trainer boot is designed to provide comfort and flexibility, during alpine trekking on both ascents and descents. Great choice for backpacking and mountaineering, the boot’s flex collar allows adaptability and natural movement during descents.

B1 Salewa Mens Mtn Trainer Mi GTX-m

The boot is excellent for long hikes. It provides all-day comfort thanks to its ergonomically shaped, dual-density Bi-light Technology midsole that cradle your foot.

Salewa Men’s Crow GTX Mountaineering Boot

The Salewa Men’s Crow is a mountaineering boot that makes you feel safe and secure. It’s an ideal boot if you’re looking for reliable grip and protection. In addition to being super comfortable, the boot is very durable, thanks to its highly wear-resistant fabric.

B1 Salewa Mens Crow GTX Mountaineering Boot

The boot is designed to offer superior flexibility, precision in fit and maximum ankle support. It has a cushioned midsole to guarantee comfort over long distances. With a perfect fit, preferably half a size larger than your normal shoe size, you should be able to enjoy blister-free long-distance hikes.

Salewa Women’s Crow GTX

The Crow GTX is a crampon-compatible boot, ideal for summer mountaineering on general alpine trekking. Its abrasion-resistant fabric is very durable and offers superior protection thanks to its waterproof Gore-tex.

B1 Salewa Womens Crow GTX

The boot integrates Salewa technologies, to guarantee 100% blister free experience. With a breathable Gore-Tex liner, the boot ensures comfort for your feet even in changing weather conditions.

 Salewa Women’s Mountain Trainer Mid GTX

Designed for trekking and hiking on technical terrain like snow, grass and mud, the Mid GTX offers ankle protection and maximum comfort while at it.

B1 Salewa Womens Mountain Trainer Mid GTX

Whether via ferratas or on rocky paths, you can rely on this boot for excellent grip, thanks to its superior sole.

Salewa Women’s Rapace GTX

Best suited for summer mountaineering, the women’s Rapace GTX is made of a hard-wearing fabric, waterproof gore-tex protection and nubuck upper.

B1 Salewa Womens Rapace GTX

The boot has a crampon-compatible sole for effective edging stability. It offers excellent grip on rock and traction in mixed mountain terrain. All the clients who have used the Salewa Women’s Rapace GTX, agree it is a super comfortable mountaineering boot.

Salewa B1 Mountain Boots Characteristics and Ideal Uses


  • Optimized For Climate Change
  • Crampon-Compatible
  • Water-Proof Gore-Tex Protection
  • Wear-Resistant Fabric
  • Superior Sole For Effective Edging Stability
  • Super Comfortable
  • Rubber Rand That Protects Against Rock And Scree
  • Cleansport NXT® Technology Controls Organic Odor, Giving Fresher Foot Environment
  • Flexibility And Excellent Ankle-Support
  • Blister-Free
  • Abrasion-Resistant Fabric

Ideal uses

  • Summer Mountaineering
  • Summer Alpine Trekking
  • Long Distance Walks
  • Alpine Climbing
  • Backpacking
  • General Alpine Terrain
  • Glacier Travel

Our Final Thoughts

Salewa B1 mountaineering boots are designed to guarantee comfortable, safe and secure hikes. They are made from durable leather and superior protection thanks to waterproof Gore-Tex. For a comfortable fit, it’s advisable to buy a half-size larger than your normal size.

The boots, which are all crampon-compatible, integrate Salewa’s patented technology to ensure 100% blister free backpacking and mountaineering experience. Thus, you can rely on Salewa B1 mountaineering boots for great and exciting experiences.

Get Ready for the 1st Section with Asolo Boots

Asolo b1 mountaineering boots are designed to suit moderate climbing including on snow and ice conditions. The boots are designed with a stiff midsole to provide great support in various terrains. Whether you are climbing in wet conditions, winter or summer, Asolo b1 boots provide adequate stability.

Despite the stiff midsole, Asolo b1 mountain climbing boots are extremely comfortable and do not limit your movement. In addition, all Asolo b1 boots have a rubber midsection between the footbed and the sole that acts as a cushion to prevent any kind of pressure on the ankles.

Asolo b1 boots are compatible with C1 crampons when you need extra support and stability to climb challenging terrain.

The boots also come with a tough exterior, be it leather or fabric, to ensure durability over a good number of years.

Asolo B1 Mountaineering Boots Reviews

Men’s Fugitive GTX Asolo Boot

The Asolo Fugitive GTX concept is a great boot that has received excellent reviews from customers and a 4.5 stars rating on Amazon. It is hailed as a boot that can withstand all kinds of terrain including desert terrain, muddy conditions, as well as snow and ice conditions. Even without crampons, the boot has very good traction.

Asolo Mens Fugitive GTX

The Fugitive GTX has a firm outsole for stability but is still very comfortable. The lacing allows you to adjust tightness to your liking while the metal eyelets allow for great support and durability.

Users attest to the fact that the Fugitive GTX can last several years and all you might need to do is add an insole for better support for your feet.


One shortcoming about the Fugitive GTX is that it is a bit challenging to find wide widths of the boot. So before you walk out of the store, fit your boot to make sure that you pick one that fits you perfectly.

Asolo Men’s TPS 520 GV

Asolo TPS 520 GV is one of the best boots you can lay your hands on. These boots have a leather outer which makes them water resistance. You can use them on practically any terrain and they are comfortable, with a perfect fit. The boots provide ample ankle support while you never have to worry about blisters or toe bang.

Asolo Mens TPS 520 GV

The TPS 520 GV has 4.5 stars rating on Amazon, based on comfort, fit, durability and versatility.


On the downside, the TPS 520 GV is a heavy boot and although it provides great warmth in wet conditions, it can be extremely hot to wear in the summer.

Asolo Women’s Shiraz GV Boot

Designed specifically for women, the Shirav GV Boot is sturdy and can withstand various terrain including rocky routes, wet conditions and ice climbing. Users have praised this pair of boots for its comfort and snug fit, allowing you to walk a long distance withoutdeveloping blisters or toe bang.

Asolo Womens Shiraz G Boot B1

The Shirav GV Boot is waterproof to keep your feet warm in wet conditions and also has great traction to prevent accidents even on slippery terrain.


Some customers have suggested that the Shirav GV Boot needs a thicker footbed to allow for better support.

Final Thoughts

In case you are wondering, why choose Asolo b1 Mountaineering boots? Consider the durable nature of the boots, and the fact that comfort is one of the qualities that customers praise about the various designs available.

Asolo has ensured that you never have to worry about blisters or toe bang. All Asolo b1 boots are crampon-ready to help you scale various terrains easily and safely.

The one challenge that customers have with these boots is that it is difficult to find wide widths so you need to ensure that your boots fit properly before you buy them.

Asolo b1 mountaineering boots will give you years of service as you scale various mountaineering challenges around the world.

Scarpa B2 Mountaineering Boots Reviews

SCARPA B2 mountaineering boots are lightweight boots designed for all ground mountaineering. They integrate modern innovations in upper and sole design, making them super comfortable, waterproof and breathable. The boots have a sole that is optimized for various terrains.

SCARPA Men’s Mont-Blanc-Pro GTX Review

SCARPA Mens Mont Blanc Pro GTX

The Blanc Pro GTX is a mountaineering boot for difficult terrain. Its Pro-fiber XT20 insoles provide plenty of support when carrying heavy loads.

Other advantages are:

  • Ideal for adventure in frozen zones, it has Gore-Tex lining, which provides insulating warmth.
  • Its 3mm leather provides extremely effective waterproofing. In addition, the boot has a built-in gator that keeps snow, rocks etc. out.
  • Mont Blanc Pro passes for a sturdy and comfy boot. Its rubber rand protects both your boot and foot from sharp rocks.
  • While its vibram sole is a great safeguard against slippage., you can comfortably and safely ply even on sharp mountain ridges.
  • The insoles are vented to increase breathability, which keeps-off odor.

The boot’s heel and toe welts make it compatible with most crampons C2. Plus its rubber rand holds the crampons securely, for all-day comfortable walks.

SCARPA Men’s Mont Blanc GTX Review

SCARPA Mens Mont Blanc GTX

SCARPA Men’s Mont Blanc GTX is an all ground mountaineering boot that integrates modern innovations in upper and sole design.

Other advantages are:

  • It offers natural gait and great support thanks to its integration of ErgoFit system.
  • It is a very lightweight boot that gives better climbing experiences. Its rear randing enhances climbing performance by locking the heel securely.
  • With an advanced mid-sole system that provides shock absorbency, plus Gore-Tex membrane, the boot feels super comfortable on your feet.
  • A sculpted, stiff alpine boot, Mont Blanc GTX is preferred by climbers as this is one of the best mountaineering boots for wide feet.
  • It is a high quality mountaineering boot that is completely waterproof.

Customers have noted that the boot is very warm and gives them outstanding experience when doing ice climbing. According to them, it is super comfortable right out of the box; there is no need for break in.

SCARPA Women’s Charmoz Review

SCARPA Womens Charmoz

SCARPA Women’s Charmoz is a lightweight fully feathered mountaineering boot. It is a three season boot that is optimized for heavy backpacking and long walks over ice, snow, and rock.

Other advantages:

  • The mid-sole uses multi-density which offers great support and increased performance.
  • This boot integrates outdry technology making it breathable and completely waterproof.
  • It has a full rubber rand that protects the feet. As a semi-automatic crampon-compatible boot, the rubber rand makes it more crampon-friendly.

Other Important Aspects About Scarpa B2 Boots: Characteristics and Ideal Uses


  • Automatic and semi-automatic crampon-compatible
  • Total traction sole that offers maximum support
  • Breathable and sheltered
  • Waterproof
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Blister-free
  • Full rubber rand
  • Light-weight

Ideal Uses

  • Ice climbing
  • Hiking
  • Skiing
  • Mountaineering
  • Trail-running
  • Summer glacier outings
  • Mid-winter mountain climbing
  • Epic alpine


The fact that SCARPA B2 boots are optimized to offer great support and protection, on various terrains, makes them an ideal
investment, when it comes to matters, mountaineering boots.

Their full rubber rand protects the feet from sharp rocks and safeguards against slippage. In addition, the boots are waterproof, warm and breathable, guaranteeing comfortable all-day expeditions.

SCARPA B2 mountaineering boots are therefore an ideal choice, for those seeking comfort, protection and great support.

La Sportiva B2 Mountaineering Boots Reviews

La Sportiva B2 mountaineering boots are lightweight and super comfortable boots. They are great picks for glacier, steep snow conditions, and general mountaineering.

They are best used with strap-on crampons, which could either be C1 or C2. However, they can still be used without them. Due to their full steel shank, the boots are quite durable.

La Sportiva Trango S Evo GTX Review

La Sportiva Trango S Evo GTX

La Sportiva Trango S Evo GTX is an awesome summer mountaineering boot.

Some advantages are:

  • The boot provides excellent maneuverability, thanks to its innovative 3D flex ankle, making it a good choice for glacier and steep snow conditions.
  • Trango S Evo GTX is a lightweight and comfortable boot, which offers great support.
  • Ideal for use with strap on crampons, it has waterproof Gore-Tex lining for good insulation. However, too much exposure to wet conditions can make your feet damp. But you can keep water from creeping in using a Sno Seal.
  • The boot is sturdy making it an excellent pick for snow walking.

La Sportiva Men’s Makalu

La Sportiva Mens Makalu B2

La Sportiva Men’s Makalu boot is ideal for general mountaineering and heavy backpacking.

Other points to discover are:

  • It’s a three season boot that guarantees your feet comfort and remaining in great shape throughout your expedition.
  • The boot’s sole has a full steel shank crampon for compatibility. This provides great edging stability and guarantees safe expeditions.
  • The inner lining helps keep the skin cool, dry and comfortable by absorbing moisture. Likewise, the leather upper is water repellent.
  • Using Sno Seal, the boot can be completely waterproof. Customers agree Makalu boot is a strong, durable and stiff boot; a great backpacking footwear.

La Sportiva Men’s Baruntse

La Sportiva Mens Baruntse

Some of its advantages are:

  • It’s highly insulated to keep your feet warm and dry, when doing high altitude mountaineering.
  • The boot is quite durable due to its high abrasion resistant material.
  • It holds up well on glacial ice, rock scrambles, volcanic scree and boulder fields.
  • Lined with thinsulate, the boot guarantees no sore feet. Nevertheless, consider buying half a size larger than your usual size, for a comfortable fit.
  • La Sportiva Men’s Baruntse is a sturdy double boot.

La Sportiva Women’s Trango S Evo GTX

La Sportiva Womens Trango S Evo GTX

La Sportiva women’s Trango S Evo GTX is a three season boot ideal for general mountaineering.

Important advantages are:

  • It’s a sturdy boot making it a perfect choice for snow walking.
  • The boot affords excellent maneuverability on steep snow, thanks to its innovative 3D flex ankle and tough vibram mulaz sole.
  • It’s a lightweight and comfortable boot that offers great support.
  • Trango S Evo GTX is crampon-compatible, though you should consider using strap-on crampons.

Other Important Facts About La Sportiva B2 Boots: Characteristics and Ideal Uses


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Innovative 3D flex ankle aids excellent maneuverability
  • 7mm trail flex insole for perfect flex and protection
  • Crampon-compatible
  • Full steel shank for use with or without crampon
  • Tough vibram soles
  • Lined with thinsulate to keep feet cool and dry

Ideal Uses

  • Summer mountaineering
  • Tower climbing
  • Lineman climbing
  • Pole climbing
  • Glacier and steep snow climbing

Why La Sportiva B2 Mountaineering Boots?

La Sportiva B2 boots are great choice for those looking for comfort and good ankle support. Compatible with C1 and C2 crampons, these boots are sturdy, making them ideal for various terrains.

They have a full steel shank thus can be used with or without crampons. The boots are quite durable as the leather upper is high abrasion resistant and water repellent. However, too much exposure to wet conditions might lead to damp feet.

It’s advisable to use Sno Seal. La Sportiva B2 mountaineering boots are a great investment when shopping for mountaineering footwear.

La Sportiva B3 Mountaineering Boots Reviews

La Sportiva B3 mountaineering boots are high performance lightweight boots, designed for winter mountaineering, mixed climbing and ice climbing. Graded B3, these boots are compatible with C3 crampons.

La Sportiva Men’s Nepal Cube GTX

La Sportiva Mens Nepal Cube GTX

The Cube GTX for men is an ideal boot for winter mountaineering, mixed climbing and ice climbing.

Other aspects are:

  • It is a warm mountaineering boot that integrates an innovative technology on the sole, making it exceptionally warm and lightweight.
  • The boot offers excellent performance in terms of breathability thanks to its comfort membrane insulated with Gore-Tex. Likewise, the midsole is well insulated to guarantee warm feet at all times.
  • A great choice for ice climbing, the boot has a stiff sole, though it is still very comfortable.
  • With a 3D-Flex ankle integrated, Nepal Cube GTX is a sturdy boot that offers great support for confident and safe climbs.
  • This crampon-compatible leather boot is designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

When buying, order half a size bigger than your usual shoe size. However, consider breaking them in before use.

La Sportiva G2 SM.

La Sportiva G2 SM

A user on Amazon notes that the designers of this boot took all the freezing conditions into account.

Other facts are:

  • La Sportiva G2 SM is an extremely lightweight and warm double boot. Its low volume carbon Honeycomb Tech insulated insole keeps the feet warm and comfortable.
  • Its upper is water repellent, which helps keep the feet dry. In addition, it integrates a gaiter to keep out ice, water, rocks etc.
  • Made of quick drying materials, the boot is ideal for prolonged use on the mountains.
  • G2 SM is made of high quality materials making it a durable La Sportiva boot.
  • It has integrated the dual Boa closure system thus guaranteeing perfect fits.

Finally, always order half a size up your usual shoe size, so as to give your toes good room around the toe box.

La Sportiva Men’s Nepal EVO GTX

La Sportiva Mens Nepal EVO GTX

La Sportiva Men’s Nepal EVO GTX is a versatile boot, designed for winter mountaineering, mixed climbing and ice climbing boot.

Additional facts:

  • The boot’s ample insulation (Gore-Tex) lining, plus a 9mm insole helps keep the feet warm. Likewise, it has an adjustable tongue, which ensures excellent fit for all day comfort.
  • Its Vibram sole & rand works great on rock and scree. They integrate Impact Brake System for controlled descents, as well as SBR air cushion for shock absorption and comfort.
  • Its leather upper is woven with a 3.2mm silicone, making it very durable.
  • A high quality leather boot, Nepal EVO GTX is stiff, but very comfortable. You can use it all-day without getting blisters. However, consider breaking them in before actual use.

The crampon-compatible boot has the best hard plastic reinforcements, for increased edging stability and traction. Users refer to the boot as an all around, do it all boot.

La Sportiva Women’s Nepal Cube GTX

La Sportiva Womens Nepal Cube GTX

The Cube GTX for women is a lightweight and super comfortable mountaineering boot. It has a highly insulating insole which helps keep the feet warm. The boot provides waterproof breathability thanks to its comfort membrane insulated with Gore-Tex.

The boot’s 3d-flex ankle plus its adjustable fit-tongue, secures the feet, for comfortable and safe climbing.

Other Points About La Sportiva B3 Boots: Characteristics and Ideal Uses


  • High performance
  • Comfortable
  • High quality boots
  • Warm and breathable
  • Crampon-compatible
  • Minimal break-in required
  • Blister-free

Ideal Uses

  • Ice climbing
  • Winter mountaineering
  • Mixed climbing
  • Heavy duty hiking

 Why you Should Choose La Sportiva B3 Mountaineering Boots?

These mountaineering boots are super comfortable and breathable. They integrate modern innovation to keep your feet warm and dry. Further, they all come with adjustable tongue for a perfect fit. Their insulated comfort membrane guarantees a blister-free experience.

La Sportiva B3 mountaineering boots are a good buy, if you are looking for a guarantee of comfort and excellent support, in your mountaineering expeditions.

Scarpa B3 Mountaineering Boots Reviews

Scarpa B3 mountaineering boots integrates modern innovation, which makes them one of the lightest, warmest and most comfortable mountaineering boots in the market. Like other B3 boots, SCARPA B3 boots are crampon compatible. Their high-tech vibram sole marries well with C3 crampons. Thus, they are classified as automatic and semi-automatic crampon compatible boots.

SCARPA Men’s Phantom 8000 M

SCARPA Mens Phantom 8000 M

Made for the harshest environments on the planet, Phantom 8000 M is the lightest, warmest, most comfortable SCARPA boot.

Additional advantages are:

  • With a flexseal waterproof zipper that is reconfigured to seal out the weather, your feet become the least of your worries during your adventure.
  • An integrated gaiter made of cordura, schoeller and Kevlar materials provide a perfect blend of protection and flex.
  • The boot’s footbed has a reflective aluminum and cocona, which helps in managing moisture as well as preventing odor during long expeditions.
  • Classified as automatic and semi-automatic crampon compatible boot, it has a high-tech vibram sole, which rocks the crampon perfectly.
  • The sole is highly insulated to keep the feet warm. In addition, the boot’s advanced midsole is designed for shock absorption. All these are integrated using modern innovation resulting in an ultra-light high performing boot.

SCARPA Men’s Phantom 6000 M

SCARPA Men Phantom 6000 M

SCARPA Men’s Phantom 6000 M delivers comfort and impeccable climbing performance, to mountaineering enthusiasts.

Great boot because:

  • Its integration of the latest technology in mountaineering footwear makes it a favorite with climbers.
  • Most users prefer this boot for steep water ice climbing and snowy ridges. Especially, due to its breathability and waterproof ability, thanks to outdry technology.
  • The boot’s flexseal closure helps keep the feet dry and warm even in the wettest weather conditions.

SCARPA Phantom Tech Mountaineering Boots

SCARPA Phantom Tech Mountaineering Boots

SCARPA Phantom Tech Climbing Boot is a versatile boot ideal for cold weather.

Other aspects are:

  • It’s often used in mixed pitches, steep ice, etc. It’s an extremely lightweight boot for fast climbing.
  • A crampon compatible boot, Phantom Tech Boot is designed to guarantee steady and firm grip thus safe climbing.
  • Its sole is highly insulated to help keep the feet warm and dry.
  • With a flexseal zipper closure, the boot performs impeccably well, when it comes to keeping the feet warm, even in extreme environments.

SCARPA Women’s Mont Blanc GTX

SCARPA Womens Mont Blanc GTX

SCARPA Women’s Mont Blanc GTX is an all round mountaineering boot that integrates modern innovations in upper and sole design.

Some other advantages are:

  • Coupled with a shock absorbing midsole and an ErgoFit system for improved posture and support, the boot is a comfortable, preferred buy by women climbers.
  • Mont Blanc GTX best quality is its rear randing, which is designed to enhance climbing performance by locking-in the heel.
  • Over snowy terrains, the boot’s double tongue that isolates the feet from the snow, plus its heavy insulation helps retain warmth. You can go snow climbing in confidence.
  • This completely waterproof boot, has been certified as a reliable mountaineering boot.

Just make sure to order half a size up your usual shoe size, to give your feet enough space to breath.

SCARPA Women’s Mont Blanc Pro GTX

SCARPA Womens Mont Blanc Pro GTX

SCARPA Women’s Mont Blanc Pro GTX is an automatic and semi-automatic crampon compatible mountaineering boot.

Some differences between the Mont Blanc GTX boot:

  • Its high-tech sole gives maximum support and good traction for safe and confident climbs.
  • The boot’s lacing system provides effortless closure, thanks to Micro-Pulley hardware, reinforcing the integrated gaiter, which has a double snap closure.
  • You can say Mont Blanc Pro GTX is designed for maximum warmth retention.

Characteristics and Ideal Uses for the B3 Scarpa Boots


  • Automatic and semi-automatic crampon compatible
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof (integrates outdry technology and flexseal waterproof closure)
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Integrated gaiter

Ideal Uses

  • Steep ice water climbing
  • Snowy ridges
  • Missed pitches

Why Should I Choose SCARPA B3 Boots?

SCARPA B3 boots are high performance boots, which address the worries of most climbers. Their integration of modern technology in their upper and sole design makes the boots ultra-light for fast climbing.

Likewise, Gore-Tex insulation ensures they are warm and breathable at the same time, thus super comfortable. Not forgetting the integrated gaiter, which coupled with the outdry tech, makes the boots completely waterproof.

SCARPA B3 mountaineering boots, will keep your feet comfortable and guarantee safe climbs, even when plying the most uncomfortable, high altitude terrains on the planet.

Zamberlan B3 Mountaineering Boots Reviews

Zamberlan B3 mountaineering boots are designed to offer maximum protection and comfort during high altitude climbing expeditions. They integrate modern technology making them lightweight, warm, breathable and durable.

Designed with a high-tech durable vibram sole for total traction, the boots are automatic crampon compatible, making them an ideal choice for technical climbing.

Zamberlan 4000 Eiger EVO GTX RR

Zamberlan 4000 Eiger EVO GTX RR

Zamberlan 4000 Eiger EVO GTX RR is a reliable weather protection footwear, on high altitudes.

Other important aspects are:

  • It integrates a durable-cordura constructed gaiter, for maximum protection during technical ascents.
  • The gaiter has air system lining for good thermal control. Its aluminum filmed footbed and Gore-Tex comfort membrane, works perfectly when it comes to insulation.
  • This breathable and waterproof boot comes with a waterproof zipper, which complements the other boot’s features, to keep your feet dry and warm despite the weather conditions or terrain.
  • Zamberlan 4000 eiger EVO GTX RR guarantees safe thus confident climbs.
  • Its durable vibram sole is crampon compatible, for effective edging stability and total traction, during technical ascents.

Zamberlan Men’s 6000 Denali RR

Zamberlan Mens 6000 Denali RR

Zamberlan Men’s 6000 Denali RR is an ideal boot for ice climbing and high elevation mountaineering.

More facts are:

  • Designed for total traction, warmth retention and durability, the boot is an ideal footwear for comfort-loving climbers.
  • Its footbed has an aluminum film that provides maximum insulation.
  • Coupled with an inner removable bootee developed specifically to grant warmth, you are assured of a comfortable climbing experience.
  • The boot has a stiff midsole, which is designed to offer great support, and when it comes to traction, its durable vibram sole does a perfect job.
  • Made of durable cordura fabric, this boot will be a great mountaineering accompaniment.

Zamberlan 2090 Mountain Pro Evo GTX RR

Zamberlan 2090 MountainPro Evo GTX RR

Zamberlan 2090 Mountain Pro Evo GTX RR is an ideal boot for ice climbing and all-purpose mountaineering.

More about the boot:

  • It’s a versatile boot that strikes a balance of comfort and great protection.
  • Extremely lightweight, 2090 Mountain Pro Evo GTX RR makes climbing faster and comfortable.
  • It has a Gore-Tex comfort membrane, which is insulated for cold climate. Additionally, it comes with a vibram sole for total traction while traversing different terrains.
  • Being an automatic crampon compatible boot, you will always be ready for technical climbing.
  • When it comes to durability, this boot’s upper is made of cordura fabric, thus abrasion resistant.

Zamberlan B3 Boots Characteristics and Ideal Uses


  • Made of cordura fabric for durability
  • Completely waterproof
  • Automatic crampon compatible
  • Vibram sole for total traction
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Thermal control footbed

Ideal Uses

  • Ice climbing
  • High elevation mountaineering
  • Alpine climbing

Why Should I Choose Zamberlan B3 Boots?

Zamberlan B3’s are great boots for all the good reasons. Being completely waterproof yet breathable makes them ideal footwear for all weather conditions.

Their fast drying ability is also a plus when it comes to maintenance. And when the weather becomes notoriously cold, you can count on their high insulation for warmth. These lightweight, warm and durable Zamberlan B3 Mountaineering Boots will crown your climbing expeditions no matter the terrain.

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