Petzl Sirocco Climbing Helmet Review

Arriving in the summer of 2013, the Petzl Sirocco has been a desired helmet since day one. The newer 2017 model improves on this excellence. They took something amazing and made it even better!

According to many people’s opinions, the Petzl Sirocco is the best helmet they’ve ever used. It is the lightest helmet on the market and due to that, it provides comfort that no other helmet can. This helmet, in particular, is deeper and more head-shaped than some other rounder versions.

In short, this is the king of rock climbing helmets.

Petzl Sirocco Climbing Helmet


The mix of lightweight, EPP foam, more impact resistant EPS plate over the top of the head, combined with a hard-plastic exterior plate for durability truly makes the helmet one of a kind. It can be used for sport climbing, trad climbing, alpine climbing, and ski mountaineering. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for any frequent climber.

With the new model, came a new design, with a new shape and different colors. The older version of Sirocco had a dome shape. The new design has a nice taper. With that, they’ve removed the dome aspect altogether. And there are two color options: white and black.

The inside of the Sirocco has a couple of foam pads. They’re soft, and your purchase comes with an extra set of these. They are attachable via Velcro.


The entire helmet is made from EPP foam. That foam doesn’t provide such substantial impact protection like EPS foam. But that’s why an extra EPS plate is inserted on the inside of the helmet to give extra security. 

The Sirocco exceeds EN-12492 certification and meets UIAA-106 standards. Petzl owns the first helmets that meet this standard. This helmet has an excellent energy absorbing quality. In terms of protection, one should note that the new design of Sirocco covers about 3cm lower on the back of the head, which is a common injury spot.


The incredible comfort this helmet provides is due to its impressive lightweight which is a game-changer, weighing only 6 ounces (170 grams) for M/L size. Wearing less weight means more comfort. This helmet is so light most people don’t even notice they have it on. This really helps during long days of rock climbing, where any weight cut is a major benefit.

This helmet is also one of the most ventilated helmets on the market. The ventilation design has 24 holes on the front, sides, and back, allowing your head to breathe and keeping fresh air flowing through the helmet all day. Not many helmets are this lightweight and provide such ventilation.


The PETZL Sirocco has a wide helmet goggle strap. While the 2013 model could accommodate ski goggle straps up to 2 inches thick, the new headlamp attachment on the 2017 model can accommodate thicker straps, up to 3 inches.

Even though there aren’t many goggles that have a wider strap than 2 inches, the high range of compatibility is still worth mentioning. The elastic cord is latched towards the bottom. This makes it easier to add and adjust a headlamp or ski goggles.

This helmet has a magnetic chin strap clip. Those who climb in areas with iron can remove the magnet. Also, magnets could attract some kinds of dust, so keep this in mind. When the magnet is removed it functions like a traditional clip used like other helmets.

It has thin harness straps. Using them you can adjust the helmet to fit any head shape out there. Some of the mesh inside of the helmet is also removable for occasional washing which is sometimes necessary.

While the helmet is very easy to adjust, it doesn’t provide a very wide range of adjustment. That’s why the Sirocco comes in two sizes so anyone can find their perfect fit with a little adjustment. This actually ends up making a better fit overall.


Inside of the Petzel Sirocco is a crown injected with EPS. This adds ruggedness and durability. When the polypropylene expands, it has excellent protective quality. After using it a lot over multiple seasons, it may show signs of wear, so keep this in mind. But it is quite long-lasting.

This poly-carbonate crown is a new addition. That material covers the whole shell of the Petzl Meteor model as well. It meets all safety and durability standards mentioned previously, which makes it a top pick.

Conclusion on the Petzl Sirocco

Constructed of three materials, having a fitting shape and an amazing ventilation system is what makes this helmet the lightest and most comfortable climbing helmet you can buy. If you are looking to upgrade, I highly suggest you try this helmet. It really does fit all head shapes and gives you a feeling of freedom while climbing.

While the helmet is not cheap at all, it provides incredible value and is more than worth its price. You will thoroughly enjoy wearing the PETZL Sirocco. It presents fantastic value, especially for more frequent climbers.

Petzl Sirocco Climbing Helmet - Black Medium/Large
  • Hybrid construction with a shell in EPP (expanded polypropylene) foam and rigid crown injected with EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam
  • Only 170g
  • Head-covering shape, lower in the rear, for reinforced protection
  • Wide holes for excellent ventilation
  • Headlamp attachment
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