Tontron adult rock climbing helmet

The Tontron Adult Climbing Helmet is made for everything. It can be used in all kinds of sports and even for industrial areas. That combined with the price makes it one of the top picks for a first helmet.

Do you have to work in a cave? Use this helmet. You want to go rock climbing? Use this helmet. It’s most suitable for beginners who are discovering new activities in life and figuring out whether or not they like them.

With the Tontron helmet, you get the most for the price. The comfort is good with quality adjustability and ventilation. Everything is pretty great for a low price.

Tontron Rock Climbing Helmet


This Tontron adult climbing helmet is designed to provide maximum protection without sacrificing any comfort, ventilation, or adjustability. It features a high-impact shell that is known to last for a long time. And it is offered in four colors: blue, orange, red, white.

It has a wide range of adjustability and can be worn by different sized heads offering comfortable fitting. The outer shell is designed using an ABS shell. That shell is essential for protecting the head from feeling any impact.


The Tontron is a low-profile helmet specially designed to provide safety. It is neither the lightest helmet nor the most comfortable one. But it is one of the most affordable ones on the market, providing the needed safety for infrequent or new climbers. The ABS shell can definitely take a hard hit without a doubt.

Also, this helmet is made to absorb high impacts in case of falling rocks. Most of the time one will not even feel any impact in case a solid object falls on top of the helmet. It meets all the necessary safety standards.

You can trust this helmet to keep you protected, and if you’re an infrequent climber or enjoy caving as well, this is a perfect fit for you.


Tontron Rock Climbing Helmet Comfort

The comfort is pretty good. It is light in weight compared to other ABS helmets. A helmet must be comfortable to wear along with being safe while participating in this sport. Always remember to wear your helmet for a couple of different activities to make sure it is a good fit for you.

Ensure any helmet you choose will stay on your head even in the roughest moments during rock climbing. If it doesn’t fit your head perfectly after adjusting, how is it going to protect you?

It really does depend on the shape of your head. Size is also a factor. Therefore, if you don’t find the right size, it won’t be a snug fit. Your helmet should either fit your size or fit after adjustments. And the Tontron adult climbing helmet does a great job of offering both.


The Tontron adult climbing helmet has six vents on the side, allowing the passage of fresh air. Ventilation is key during long days of climbing. That way you can climb cool and free from headaches.

The helmet features an adjustable back of the head closure system. Using it you can get the snug fit that you need to be ready to go climbing. Adjusting the helmet is pretty easy. But the range of adjustability is not that wide. Therefore, the helmet is available in multiple sizes.

Also, there are clips on the sides used to fix a headlamp for extra visibility in the dark. The buckles are suitable for universal headlamp assembly, therefore allowing you to use any headlamp you want. Without a doubt, it is easy to use the brackets for the headlamp.


The high-impact ABS outer shell combined with the high-density liner can take a hard hit. These two materials combined provide the helmet with its necessary safety certifications. Of course, it is a hardshell helmet, the durability is high quality.

You can toss it around (even though it is not recommended) without worrying. In general, the lighter the weight the less durable the helmet. That’s what makes this helmet perfect for beginners. It’s not too heavy, yet extremely durable.


The Tontron Adult Climbing Helmet provides everything needed for a less frequent climber or a caver. The helmet features all the basic needs of a climber – a headlamp attachment, average weight, decent comfort, and a high level of safety.

The helmet absorbs strong impacts to provide the safety needed. This helmet doesn’t have all the fancy features of more expensive models but does a great job of doing what’s necessary.

First and foremost, you need safety, for which it is certified. Comfort, breathability and other features all come second for newer climbers. This is a highly recommended pick for beginners especially.

The fact that Tontron adult climbing helmet managed to balance this helmet in terms of comfort, durability, weight, and safety without sacrificing any of these areas is impressive. They took a little bit of everything and made it into something awesome.

Tontron Adult Hiking Climbing Caving Work Helmet
  • High impact ABS shell and high-density EPS liner.Meet CE EN12492 climbing helmet certification.
  • Sideways vent hole, for breathing and preventing tiny gravel.
  • Adjustable back of head closure system.
  • Headlamp buckles are suitable for universal headlamp assembly.
  • Large(21.6-23.6in)|(55-60cm). Small(19.3-21.6in)|(49-55cm).
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