Best Fly Fishing Reel

The fly fishing reel is the most traditional and oldest type of fishing reels. To this day, it still remains a pure way of catching freshwater fishes like trout, bass or even more exotic fish like tarpon or payara.

One of the main advantages of the fly reel is that it usually uses a lighter fishing rod that is more comfortable to use for an extended period.

Although it is harder to fish than a spinning or even baitcasting reel, the fly reel is still a very popular option for both beginners and experts alike.

If you are fresh on the market for a good fly fishing reel, we have exactly what you need! We have handpicked a few popular fly fishing reels and give you our impressions below. Remember. weight, simplicity, drag performance and price are what makes top fly fishing reel.

So read on and see what we recommend.

1- Redington ZERO Fly Reel

Redington Zero Fly Reel

The Redington Zero is the lightest fly fishing reel in its class. Built with CNC numerical control machines, it is also equipped with a snap clutch.

It is the ideal fly trout reel for those looking for ultra lightness at an unbeatable price.

  • ✅ The lightest reel in its class
  • ✅ Unique construction, die-cast
  • ✅ Ultra-light design
  • ✅ Clutch with click system
  • ✅ Quick reel change system
  • ✅ Easily convertible for left and right recovery
  • ✅ Soft and ergonomic button
  • ✅ Large arbor design for quick recovery and reduce tail turns
  • ⭕ Does not allow for drag adjustment.

Made of cast aluminum, it is lightweight, only 76 grams.

Redington Zero Fly Fishing Reel, Lightweight Design for Trout, Clicker Drag System, Sand, 4/5
  • ZERO FLY REEL: The Redington ZERO fly fishing reel sets a new standard for lightweight performance designed for Trout fishing.
  • CLICKER DRAG: The spring-loaded clicker drag system is designed to provide smooth resistance on those screaming runs.
  • LARGE ARBOR: The ZERO fly reel features a large arbor designed for speedy line retrieval and reduced line memory.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Crafted with durable die-cast construction for a lightweight design with quick-change spool.
  • EASY RETRIEVE: The soft-touch, twin-molded dual density handle offers supreme grip and control in all fishing conditions.

2- Ross Colorado LT Fly Reel

Ross Colorado LT Fly Reel

The Colorado LT reel is the new “featherweight” revisited of the legendary Colorado, with notable reinforcements and improvements.

Fifteen pieces in total give it elegant simplicity.

It is fully machined from aeronautical aluminum to ensure perfect solidity.

A well thought-out Arbor spool facilitates careful rewinding of the silk.

The anti-runaway ratchet braking system produces light, even pressure, perfectly suited to fine fishing.

If need be, you can “palm” on the reel for more braking pressure in combat action.

  • ✅ Machined from aeronautical aluminum 6061-T651,
  • ✅ Stainless steel ratchet brake,
  • ✅ Instant reel change,
  • ✅ Reversible right / left handed,
  • ✅ Reinforced Bakelite crank,
  • ✅ Matt black or Platinum anodized,
  • ✅ List ItemSilk / Backing capacity: silk 3 to 4: 3 + 50 m 20 Lb

In no time, the Colorado LT won four prestigious awards for the best river reel of the year (IFTD, EFFTEX, Gear Guide, American Angler).

3- Sage Fly Fishing – CLICK Fly Reel

Sage Fly Fishing - CLICK Fly Reel

An ultra-light reel. the diameter has been increased, the recovery improved. The Sage Click is definitely the fly fishing reel with the most modern design offered by Sage.

Very light and wide concave coil to have a large capacity and reduce tail turns, adjustable Click clutch.

  • ✅ Large arbor for perfect and quick recovery
  • ✅ Concave coil for maximum capacity and rigidity
  • ✅ Aluminum button machined from solid
  • ✅ Ballisite neoprene reel seat with embroidered Sage logo
  • ✅ Constructed of aerospace aluminum 6061-T6
  • ✅ Easily convertible right-handed / left-handed. Supplied in a Sage neoprene protective pouch
  • ⭕ Best but expensive
Sage Click Series Fly Fishing Reel, Freshwater Large Arbor Fly Reel, Adjustable Click and Pawl Drag Design, Lime, 3/4/5
  • CLICK SERIES: Sage's CLICK Series reels are a performance and cosmetic upgrade from the original CLICK series. The CLICK aesthetic has been elevated through new hole patterns and a refreshed, modern design that speaks to its lightweight and minimalist yet functional characteristics.
  • LARGE ARBOR: Our large arbor designs allow for faster line retrieval and reduced line coiling. More importantly, it creates a consistent drag. Our concave arbor design creates a curved surface that increases structural integrity. The result is a drastically improved strength-to-weight ratio, meaning we can put less into the reel so you can get more out of it.
  • CLICK & PAWL DRAG: The proven performance of the adjustable click and pawl drag design of the original is featured in this new CLICK reel series. The enhanced CLICK features larger arbor diameters creating a larger palming area for fighting fish and quicker line retrieval while maintaining backing capacities.
  • QUALITY DESIGN: Cold forged 6061 aerospace grade aluminum adds strength and rigidity while pre-shaping the metal for the frame and spool. After precision machining on state of the art CNC centers to our exacting tolerances, the aluminum is anodized for surface protection, corrosion resistance, and durability.
  • EASY RETRIEVE: Designed with an ergonomic handle that can be easily converted between left-to-right-hand retrieve. Neoprene and embroided nylon reel case included.

4. Orvis Battenkill Reel

ORVIS Battenkill

ORVIS Battenkill reels combine simplicity of operation and design reliability. With its very sober and imperfect design, the ORVIS BATTENKILL reel is perfect for all situations encountered in fresh water. Machined from a very high quality aluminum bar for an extended lifespan, its classic design contrasts with its ultra-modern black-nickel shade.

The internal ratchet brake system is adjustable to 4 adjustable positions and works as anti-runaway to accompany the palm of your hand in case of a big rush!

Its spool is narrow to eliminate any phenomenon of tangling of the silk in the reel and its diameter is large enough for greater recovery.

Its featherweight perfectly balances short canes as modern ultra light canes. The crank adjusts easily on the right as on the left.

The Orvis BATTENKILL II reel can hold lines 3 to 5 for typical use in rivers.

  • ✅ 4 position drag
  • ✅ Less line stacking.
  • ✅ Lightweight.
  • ✅ Fast retrieval.
  • ✅ Black Nickel machined aluminum frame
  • ✅ Adjustable ratchet brake
  • ⭕ Somewhat limited durability.

5- Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel

Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel

This is the most iconic fly reel in the United States. The new Pflueger® Medalist fly reel with standard hub is made entirely of machined aluminum and features a multi-position ratchet system. Be sure to get this modern classic.

  • ✅ Machined aluminum – high quality frame and drum precision machined
  • ✅ Standard hub – large capacity spare drum
  • ✅ Stop Ratchet – Mechanism Producing Precise Clicking
  • ✅ Very durable.
  • ✅High capacity spool.
  • ✅ Polymer crank – classic lightness and durability
  • ✅Left or right hand recovery – convertible handle
  • ⭕ Changing the spool takes a little work.
  • ⭕ Drag is not adjustable.
Pflueger Medalist Fly Reels, Size 44322 Fishing Reel, Right/Left Handle Position, Corrosion-Resistant, Aluminum Spool, Click & Pawl System
  • A MODERN CLASSIC: A revitalization of the reel that started the sport, the new Pflueger Medalist takes the standard arbor fly fishing reel to the next level with a fully machined construction, polymer handle, and quick-release spool.
  • SIZE 44322, 5.4 OZ. FLY REELS: Features a machined aluminum frame and spool for a lightweight, corrosion-resistant composition. With dual retrieve functionality, the reel is suitable for Right/Left handed anglers.
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Adjust to any circumstances in moments with an Aluminum reel that is designed to help you handle every fly fishing situation in stride.
  • CLICK & PAWL DRAG SYSTEM: No matter what environment you find yourself in, this reel will help you keep up the fight. With a max drag of 0.5lb, it prevents line backlash without offering too much assistance for a pure fishing experience.
  • LINE CAPACITY: Fly Line Capacity: WF5+125 (20lb Dacron) for optimal casting distance and accuracy.

WELL, above are the five best ultralight reels that our experts judged to be the best ranked in the fly fishing market, now it’s your turn to be sure of our ranking, have fun

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