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The Vortex Fury 10×42 is a binocular and rangefinder. Rangefinders are used for hunting. These binoculars can measure the distance between you and your target, which in turn is helpful for other equipment.

However, this is a combination of a rangefinder and a binocular. Therefore, you can be sure that you will be getting quality binocular capabilities along with your rangefinding capabilities.

Read along our Vortex Fury 10×42 review and you will learn much more about it, and you will see why we had to put it on our list of best high quality binoculars.

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Technical specifications

The Vortex Fury comes with many different qualities. Let’s see what makes it stand apart. The key features of the product are as follows:

The Fury has a 10x magnification. This zoom is not your typical zoom. With a 10x zoom on the Vortex Fury, you can get extremely accurate results even from a long distance. The clarity is maintained.

The lens coating is anti-reflective and fully multicoated. This means that when you see through the lens, there is no kind of interference. Basically, it improves the quality of the visual. This is really important in critical situations.

There’s a 20 feet close focus where details are further improved. Besides that, you get a 16mm eye relief. Eye reliefs are especially important for people who wear eyeglasses. However, a 16mm relief means you will have a better experience in adjusting the position of your eye for the best view through the binocular eyepiece.

You can see the distance in meters or yards. Further, there is also an angle-compensated distance reading that will become very useful if you are hunting in long distances. However, this is something you can’t rely too much on when extremely long distances are in question.

Dielectric phase corrected prisms are the reason you can see so clearly even in low-light. Water and fog-proofed along with the rubber armoring, the Fury is ready for any environment.

How good are the binoculars?

The binoculars are not as good as some others in this price range. However, the accuracy and clarity are exceptional. Low-light functioning is good enough, nothing to worry there. The relief is a good thing. Carrying the binoculars around is easy. It’s not heavy either. All in all, this is a good product. It looks and feels good as well.

Vortex Fury 10x42 Binocular review

Controls are very easy and only on the right side. That means you have one hand free. Besides that, handling the rangefinder with one hand is extremely easy any way.

We won’t claim that these are extremely bright and clear. For that you have to spend double or even triple this amount. However, with the Vortex Fury, you won’t have a bad time. It’s clear and bright enough.

Customer feedback

The Vortex Fury has mixed reviews. However, the best thing about this rangefinder is that they are working on updates. By now, the binoculars have been perfected. Rangefinding was always good with the Fury anyway.

Customers essentially love the ease of handling them. Further, the texture is also amazing.

Wrapping up the Vortex Fury 10×42 review

The Vortex Fury 10×42 is a great combination of two things: a powerful binocular pair and efficient rangefinding capabilities. You are getting a very good product, almost at a bargain. For slightly more significant rangefinders, you will have to shell out double or triple. If you look at it that way, you realize what a good deal the Vortex Fury 10×42 is.

Vortex Fury 10x42 Binoculars

The two modes: Horizontal Component Distance (with angle compensation) and the Line of Sight (actual line of sight range) help out hunters of every kind. So, whether you have a bow or a rifle, the Vortex Fury is going to be an intelligent companion.

Our Rating: 81/100

Vortex Optics Fury HD 10x42 Laser Rangefinding Binocular
  • The Fury rangefinder binocular combines high quality optics and long Distance ranging capability to form a convenient and efficient dual-purpose binocular. Glassing up game and ranging with confidence or calling out ranges, The Fury delivers.
  • The primary hcd mode displays an angle compensated distance that is ideal for the majority of hunters and Shooters with either rifle or bow. An advanced Los mode provides the option to calculate long distance, high angle shots with increased precision.
  • A scan feature gives continuous range readings to pan across a landscape or Track a moving target. Three brightness settings keep the display visible in various lighting conditions while a Battery life indicator is always visible in the display.
  • Xr fully multi-coated, HD lenses and dielectric phase-corrected Prisms serve up clear and impressive views from dawn till dusk.
  • Nitrogen purged for water and fog proofing, along with a rubber armored housing for a solid grip provides a binocular that will stand up to extreme weather conditions.
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